Our production facilities

Ferval’s products are made entirely in-house with totally automated systems at the cutting edge of technology, including single socket wrenches and combination socket wrenches for removing spark plugs for gardening, agricultural and motorcycling applications.

We also design, produce and manufacture tool kits for OE customers and standard or customised hand tools made to the customer’s design for any market sector.

Design of special tools

As well as the production of standard hand tools, Ferval has always been considered a leader in the field of hand tools made to the customer’s design.
You have to use the right tool for every individual production demand but companies cannot always find what they need in the classic range of standard tools. The engineers in Ferval’s “Design” team are specialised in developing special solutions to the customer’s design to cater for any needs.

Get in touch for more details and information about our bespoke design and manufacturing services for special tools.

Production of customized
tool kits

Ferval’s customisation service has been one of its best known areas of specialisation since the firm started operations. Ferval offers endless possibilities for product customisation including:

 Branding and logos on the tool;
• Branding of the tool case with company logos and colours;
• Customised assortment for specific fields and applications;
• Customisation of the type of tool case from a choice of different models and materials;

Download here our brochure for more details and information about customized services.

Why choose ferval

Who are our customers?

The flexibility and consolidated experience we have gained in over 40 years in OE sales to industry put us in the ideal position to work in many different markets.
Ferval products are the preferred choice for many leading businesses operating in agricultural machinery, park maintenance, joinery, building, motor cycling and motor vehicles, industrial machinery, instruments for athletics training and many, many more.


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